Care for the environment
An important task is set in Russia today: to ensure the implementation of the best available technologies (BAT) not only in the framework of industrial but also environmental policy.
Audio version of the history of the company "Koeklerici"
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Every year SC Kuznetskinveststroy allocates funds for production modernization, land reclamation, installation of wastewater treatment facilities, and this, in turn, makes it possible to significantly reduce the negative impact of coal mining and restore the unique flora of Kuzbass.

The company is engaged in creating conditions for the development of the enterprise, increasing competitiveness in the market while reducing the level of negative impact on the environment.

For this purpose, the company has developed a "Program of measures to reduce the negative environmental impact by using the best available technologies in 2022−2024.

SC "Kuznetskinveststroy" implements measures aimed at reducing CO2 emissions, being a participant of the "decarbonization" program.