The history Open-pit minine Korchakolsky - in 2008 Coeclerici purchased the mine
Mine "Severny Kandysh", started out as a separate site of the mine "Shushtalepskaya", and on January 01, 1961 became an independent enterprise producing coal for local needs. Mine "Severny Kandysh", a coal mining company in Malyshev Log (Kaltan, Kemerovo region, Russian Federation) was a part of ZAO UK "Oblkemerovougol".
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In 1999 the mine employed 560 people and mined steep seams of T-grade steam coal producing about 300 k. tons of coal per year. Coal open pit mine operated as a subsidiary company.

In February 1999, the mine "Severny Kandysh" was closed and the open pit mine was reorganized into OJSC "Open pit mine Zapadny". Open joint stock company "Kuznetskaya investitsionno-stroitelnaya company" was registered on May 30, 1996 in Novokuznetsk specialized in civil and production construction, later SC "Kuznetskinveststroy" purchased a coal-mining license for the site of "Severny Kandysh" mine in Kaltan.

SC "Kuznetskinveststroy" is mining coal at the open-mining site of mine "Severny Kandysh" since the early 2000s. In 2008 the company employing about 300 people and mining 350 thousand tons of coal per year was purchased by Coeclerici Group.